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Adult Club Level Tournaments

Our Adult Club Level Tournaments are non-sanctioned (meaning there is no annual membership requirement or fee).

Most of our Adult Club Level Tournaments will be held at Legacy VTC!  Legacy VTC features NCAA quality lighting on 8 courts with the best playing surface for volleyball with the highest level of Taraflex flooring (Offers the highest comfort and shock absorption).  

Tournament Details

Tournament Start Time:
Tournaments begin play at 8:30 AM; Check in at 7:45 AM (some events may start at 8:00 AM; Check in at 7:15 AM).
Afternoon Format - select tournament dates begin play at 12:30 PM; Check in at 11:45 AM

Tournament Format:  
Teams play a minimum of 8 sets and a minimum of 2 teams from each pool advance to playoffs.


Date: Day: Divisions: Location:
10/31/2021 Sunday Men's A & BB; Women's A & BB Legacy VTC
11/13/2021 Saturday Men's A & BB; Women's A & BB Legacy VTC
More Dates COMING SOON... TBA Men's A & BB; Women's A & BB Legacy VTC

Entry Fee & Registration

*All participants/teams must check-in to sign off on waiver form.
*DOES NOT REQUIRE MEMBERSHIP TO USA VOLLEYBALL.  These are non-sanctioned tournaments.

-Tournament entry deadline is 10 days prior to tournament date (unless otherwise noted)!
-The tournament schedule will be sent out on the Monday before the tournament.
Division sizes are limited…REGISTER YOUR TEAM TODAY!

Register Online

Registration COMING SOON!!!  Stay tuned!!!

Tournament entry deadline is the Sunday prior to tournament date!  We may release court reservations back to the facility if division(s) don't fill in advance - SO DON'T WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO REGISTER!  Acceptance after the deadline is limited and dependent on availability. 


Roster Form

Please submit your official roster 7 days before your registered tournament date.  If you have any player adds after you submit the roster, you'll need to submit a revised roster before the first match of the tournament! This must be completed for EACH registered event!

Tournament Director

Tony Stratman

Tony Stratman

Executive Director & Volleyball Director

Phone: 3143985495

Level of Play Definitions

B-Geared towards players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition.  Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules.  Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.
BB-Competitive teams with players who have experience and strong skills. Players at this level have strong fundamentals in all aspects of the game - serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking. 
A/Open-The most competitive teams with experienced and highly skilled players.

The Volleyball Director reserves the right to restrict team placement in specific leagues and/or divisions based upon the effort to produce an enjoyable, balanced competitive atmosphere for each team.

Blocking:  No male player may participate in a block.
Attacking:  Male players may attack the ball behind the 10' line only.
Net Height:  7'4"