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Junior Boy's USAV Tournaments

Stratman Sports is proud to host and run the best and most organized USAV Sanctioned Club Tournaments in the Gateway Region!  Teams must be registered members of USA Volleyball to participated in our sanctioned events.

2022-2023 Boy's Single Day Tournament Dates

10/9/2022 16s-18s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator Legacy VTC
11/19/2022 16s-18s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator Legacy VTC
12/11/2022 16s-18s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator Legacy VTC
1/29/2023 16s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator MBU
1/29/2023 18s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator Northwest High School
2/25/2023 12s $200; R1 Included Register $5/adult spectator Legacy VTC

*Admissions:  Admission will be taken for adult spectators.  Single day admission will be $5.  Youth spectators under 10 will be admitted free.  Coaches will be given wrist bands at the time of checking in your team prior to your first match.  There is no charge for parking.

Interested In Becoming a Tournament Sponsor?

**Interested in becoming a Tournament Sponsor - "(Your Business Name)'s Classic"?  Contact to inquire about details.

Tournament Details

Tournament Start Times (Depends on location and # of teams registered):
1) Play begins at 8:00 AM; Doors open at 7:00 AM; Coaches' meeting at 7:40 AM
2) Play begins at 8:30 AM; Doors open at 7:30 AM; Coaches' meeting at 8:10 AM

Tournament Format:  
Teams play a minimum of 8 sets and a minimum of 2 teams from each pool advance to playoffs.


Varies per tournament - see table above.
*All participants/teams must be USAV registered. 

Tournament Policies

On this page you'll find the Tournament Policies & Code of Conduct, Coaches Meeting Summary, Awards Policy, Location Specific Policies, and more...


Location Addresses & Site Specific Details

HP Boy's Ladder Series (Multi-Day Tournament)

The Boy's Ladder Series is an event that was created by High Performance-STL in 2013 to provide a more meaningful and event-like experience for the boy's teams in the Gateway Region. The event is based on the extremely popular point series in Chicago, which was created to allow all teams an opportunity to find their own level of play, and ensuring that the powerhouse teams and the less experienced teams would be playing teams of their own skill and talent level. We at HPSTL believe this event will be exciting and lead to a more competitive and memorable experience for all teams. 

The "ladder" format allows teams to move up or down the strength based brackets/pools based on their finish. This allows for teams to find their own level of play, based on their results. 

Boy's Ladder Series

Boy's Ladder Series is Partnered with High Performance-STL
-Up to 3 matches per event (6 set minimum)
-Each Match determines outcome of where team is placed next event
-After Seeding weekend "Like Competition" will be created adding higher quality matches  
-AM/PM waves - seeding determines what wave you're in (match importance becomes significant due to team placement for following event) 

Tony Stratman

Tony Stratman

Executive Director & Volleyball Director

Phone: 3143985495