General Information

  • Each team will play 3 sets to 21 (23 point cap) – Rally scoring.
  • All matches will be 50-55 minutes in length (5 minute warm-up time included; match length varies by location).  Whichever team is up by 2 points after 50-55 minutes will be declared winner of that set.  Timers of the first match of the night begin at the scheduled start time (be on the court & ready).  Timers of remaining matches will begin at the approximate start time of the scheduled match OR within 2 minutes of the previous match's finish (whatever comes first).
  • Only 3 minutes are allowed in between sets.
  • Teams will be allowed a 15-minute grace period before forfeiting the first set; another 10 minutes before forfeiting the rest of the match.
  • Each team may take two “Time Outs” per set, each limited to 30 seconds.
  • The league standings will be based on the percentage of sets won out of the total sets played. In the event of identical records, the tiebreaker will be based on head-to-head matches, win-loss, then point differential.
  • Players must register and complete waivers before they are allowed to participate.
  • Forfeits - If you will not be able to field a team for whatever reason, please call/text 314-398-5495 to allow us to inform the other team.
  • Showing up late or showing up with not a full "legal" team (IE 3 guys & 1 girl):  After 15 minutes of the scheduled match time, the first set of the match is forfeited.  After 25 minutes of the scheduled match time - the full match is forfeited. Teams with illegal combinations can play, however, the set will result as a forfeit.
  • NO SHOW POLICY - teams that no show (do not advise of forfeit in advance) more than once will be withdrawn from the league with no refund.

Weather Information

  • For Outdoor Leagues:  RAIN:  We play in the rain, however, we do not play in heavy rain or lightning.
  • Since weather is often unpredictable, please check our Venue Status Feed (linked below) OR our Twitter Feed before leaving for your match.
  • Decisions are made by 5:30 PM for league matches that start at 6:15 PM or later!


  • Teams qualify for playoffs based on winning percentage.  In the event of identical records, the tiebreaker will be based on head-to-head matches, win-loss, then point differential.
  • Number of teams taken to playoff bracket depends on number of teams registered and court availability.
  • Playoffs will be match play (best 2 out of 3 – first 2 sets play to 21 points; 3rd set - if needed - plays to 15 points & switch sides at 8 points. No cap in playoff matches).
  • Teams that don’t qualify for playoffs will play bonus matches.  Bonus matches will be match play (best 2 out of 3 – first 2 sets play to 21 points; 3rd set - if needed - plays to 15 points & switch sides at 8 points. No cap in bonus matches.)
  • Only rostered players & substitute players that have played in the regular league play are permitted to play in playoffs.  Subs may not be rostered on another team during the same league night (Example Team A has a player that subs on Team B's team during playoff bracket because Team B was short a player).  Opposing teams must protest before match begins.  Playing with "impact" players aka "ringers" may result in forfeiture of playoff prize (opposing team would win prize due to forfeit).  Therefore, subs from a higher division are not allowed to sub in a lower division.  We promote a fair & competitive environment.
  • You may NOT add players to your team after your team’s first match.
  • Tournament winners ONLY will be awarded prizes (as noted on bracket).  Only members of the roster that attend playoffs will be rewarded a prizes.  Limit to 8 prizes per team.  Additional prizes available for purchase for additional rostered players.  Inquire with

Rules Related to Play

  • Let serve is legal (a serve that hits the net and goes over).
  • Touching the net is illegal at all levels of play.
  • Attacking or blocking a serve is illegal.  Setting a serve is legal in 6s format.
  • Double contacts will be more strictly enforced at competitive division levels.
  • A lift will be called according to level of play at the referee’s discretion.
    • Recreational (LOW) – Refs will be VERY lenient with this fault and allow play.  Refs will make calls only for an intentional/unmistakable lift/carry/throw.   
    • Recreational (MID-HIGH) – Refs will be SOMEWHAT lenient with this fault.  Calls will be consistent based on level.
    • Intermediate-Power (LOW-HIGH) – REFS will NOT be lenient; LIFTS are not allowed.
  • Contact is legal on any part of the body as long as the ball is not lifted.  The ball can be kicked any time except while serving.  
  • It is a side-out or opponent’s point if you pursue the ball on to the court of an adjacent match.
  • If a ball from the other court enters your court and disrupts the play, the play is stopped and the point will be replayed.
  • OUTDOOR RULE:  Poles serve as antennas and ropes are the boundary.
  • OUTDOOR RULE:  Back Row Attacks – it will be the referee’s discretion as to whether a player is behind the “assumed” 10’ line in order to jump and attack the ball legally.

COED Rules

  • The serving order and positions on the court at service shall be alternation of male and female. Contact of the ball during blocking shall not constitute playing the ball.  In Coed Leagues, three hits may be performed by any player on the court, regardless of gender.  There is no requirement for a female player to contact the ball, regardless of the number of contacts by a team.
  • Coed 6s is considered any combination of 4, 5 or 6 people with no more than 3 guys on the court at one time plus you must have at least 2 girls. 
    • If playing with 4 – minimum of 2 females; no more than 2 males.  Players must rotate (even if you have 4 players) since it is a 6s league.  There are 3 front row positions and 1 back row position.
    • If you have 5 players, 3 players must be in the front row. 
    • If a team plays with illegal variations, that match will result as a forfeit (IE a team plays with 4 players - 3 males and 1 female).

Rules for BOTH Power/Open Fours (4s) and Doubles (2s)

  • Open-hand "tips" are not allowed.
  • Setting a serve is illegal.
  • Indoor setting rules apply relative to the level of play.  (Exception of Open 2s division)
  • A hand set intended for a teammate that travels over the net is not legal.
  • Players' shoulders must be "square" with ball when "pushing" the ball over with open hands/fingers (forward or backward motion). Ball cannot be a double hit.
  • A hard-driven attack (downward trajectory) may be defensively played in any manner, as long as the action is not a lift (i.e. double hits allowed, including actions with open hands/fingers).
  • An off-speed hit or bump (with upward or downward trajectory) may be played defensively in any manner; however, if open hands/fingers are used, the action must be clean (i.e., no spin, no double hits).
  • A player may block a ball in any direction (the ball may be blocked quickly in one direction, with one motion).
  • "Joust" (simultaneous contact above the net) between opponents is legal.  Any player may make the next play, as their team's 1st contact.
  • FOURS (4s):  A "touch" on a block does not count as a hit.
  • DOUBLES (2s):  A "touch" on a block counts as one hit, and the team must play the ball over the net in the next two contacts after such block.
  • DOUBLES (2s):  In Open 2s only, clearly distinct and separate contacts of the ball constitute a "double hit".  Spin is not a fault but spin may be an indication that a "double-contact" fault has occurred.
  • DOUBLES (2s):  Refs are not provided.  Teams will self-ref.


  • All calls made by the referee are judgment calls. Keep in mind - the referee is responsible for five positions - up ref, down ref, 2 line judges, and scorekeeper!  Because there are no line judges, the referee may be blocked out and cannot see the line.  If the referee needs help on a line call, he or she will ask both teams. If there can be no consensus between the two teams then a replay will be called.
  • If a player is disrespectful, the referee is empowered to throw a player out of the match if necessary. Please note: Only captains may address the referees during the match.
  • The referees are part of our staff and if one is ever late or you have a problem with one, please E-mail Tony Stratman at!

Facility Rules

  • All partnered facilities are family friendly!  Unsportsmanlike conduct & foul language will not be tolerated!  Referees will use their discretion in issuing warnings and player/team expulsions.
  • Absolutely no outside drinks or food allowed! (With the exception of The Pavilion - no glass containers allowed).
  • No glass containers on the sand courts.  Glass containers are to remain at your table.
  • DO NOT leave empty cans, buckets, etc. on the sand courts.
  • No smoking on the courts!
  • All players must be registered and have completed the Waiver Form!
  • A non-playing adult must supervise children under the age of 12.
  • Children are not allowed on the courts at any time for the safety of all participants and spectators.  Referees will stop play to address any issues.
  • Sand Facilities:  Shirt and shoes must be worn to go inside and please remove the sand off entire body (feet, legs, arm, etc.) before entering the facility.

Levels of Play Definitions

  • Recreation-For new players or just-for-fun teams (teams with limited skills and abilities - no strong hitters or leapers). Jump* serves are prohibited (with downward trajectory*; jump float serves are legal).   Some Recreation divisions may be tiered - LOW, MID & HIGH.  HIGH Recreation is geared for players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition. 
  • Intermediate (Competitive)-Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules.  Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.
  • Power-Advanced teams with players who have experience and strong skills. Players at this level have strong fundamentals in all aspects of the game - serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking. 
  • Open-The most competitive & advanced teams with experienced and highly skilled players.

The Volleyball Director reserves the right to restrict team placement in specific leagues and/or divisions based upon the effort to produce an enjoyable, balanced competitive atmosphere for each team.

Game Balls

  • INDOOR COED Intermediate/Power:  Molten Flistatec (Default);  Alternate - Molten SuperTouch
  • INDOOR COED Recreation:  Molten Flistatec (Default);  Alternates - Molten SuperTouch OR Tachikara Soft Touch SV5WSC3
  • INDOOR Women's Intermediate/Power:  Molten SuperTouch (Default);  Alternate - Tachikara Soft Touch SV5WSC3
  • INDOOR Women's Recreation:  Tachikara Soft Touch SV5WSC3 (Default);  Alternate - Molten SuperTouch
  • OUTDOOR:  Spalding King Of The Beach

    Teams may vote to use an ALTERNATE game ball at the Captain's Meeting prior to the start of the match.  BOTH teams must agree, otherwise the DEFAULT game ball will be used.