Start Date Day Division
TBD Sunday Coed 6s Intermediate
TBD Sunday Coed 6s Recreation (High)
TBD Sunday Coed 6s Recreation (Low)
TBD Wednesday Coed 6s Intermediate
TBD Wednesday Coed 6s Recreation
TBD Thursday Coed 6s Intermediate
TBD Thursday Coed 6s Recreation
Tournaments Saturday Tournament Schedule (Click Here)

Advanced Registration Required

Session Cost: 
$210 / 6s Team - Standard League Night
Division Sizes are LIMITED - Be sure to REGISTER EARLY!!!
Pricing does not include additional processing fee and/or taxes.

Registration Deadline is 7 days prior to respective league night's start date.   Acceptance after the deadline is limited and dependent on availability (contact us). 

Age: Adult* 
*must be 21 or older

Standard League Session Length:   8 matches / 6-8 weeks

Starting match times:  
Monday thru Fridays range between 6:30 PM to 10:40 PM (10:40 PM during Summer Sessions if needed)
Sundays range between 4:00 PM to 10:40 PM (4:00 PM & 10:40 PM match slots used during Summer Sessions if needed; playoff date may start as early as 12:00 PM if needed).

Online Registration

Registration Opening August 2024!