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Winter Break All-Skills Camp (HPSTL)

By Tony Stratman, 11/21/19, 8:45AM CST


2-Day Camps Available 12/27-12/28 @ Center STL or POWERplex!


Our seasonal camps are for boys and girls, who are looking to improve their overall skill and technique. Camps will be high energy, while focusing on giving all players the maximum amount of repetitions during each camp session. Camper to coach ratio will be no higher than 8:1. These camps focus on all volleyball skills - passing, serving, attacking, setting and defense.  
These camps are for all levels of play (from beginners to experienced)!  Also, these camps are open to everyone (you do not need to be a HPSTL member)!

The U13-U16 camp will be focused on positional skills and tactics. They will include training in core fundamentals and tactical nuances specific to the playing positions of volleyball, while allowing positions to interact through multi-contact and competitive drills.

The U10-U12 camp will focus on technical skill training and execution, with primary focus on Serving, Passing, Setting, and Attacking. The camp will progress to multi-skill and competitive drills to work on positional interaction and higher level execution.

Camp Director:  Scott Touzinsky
Scott is the most successful and most decorated volleyball player and coach to ever call St. Louis home. 4 x Missouri State Champion, 2 x JNC National Champion, 2 x NCAA All-American, 2 x NCAA Champion, 13-year Professional Volleyball Career, and Olympic Gold Medalist. All these awards and accolades are secondary to Scott, as he loves the game of volleyball and loves teaching it.

Camp Director:  Kevin Dunn
HPSTL Training & Recruiting Director, HPSTL 17 Royal Head Coach, Missouri State University Assistant Coach 2015-2016, North Dakota State University Assistant Coach 2013-2014, Washington University Assistant Coach Assistant Coach 2012, 14+ years coaching experience

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This camp is not organized by Stratman Sports. However, as volleyball enthusiasts, Stratman Sports sponsors this event!