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Developmental Program & League (Center St. Louis)

Individual Entry Information

Includes 1-Hour Weekly Practice & Friday Night League Play (50-Min Matches)
All individual players will be placed on a house team with 7-10 other players in their age group / skill level with one head coach (some practices and/or matches may incur a sub coach).  House teams will practice for one hour every week and each team will play matches on Friday nights over the course of 7-10 weeks (varies per session).   Friends can request to be GROUPED on the SAME team!

Team Entry Information

Includes Friday Night League Play (50-Min Matches)
Team will play matches on Friday nights over the course of 7-10 weeks (varies per session).  NO Coach & NO Practice Time included with Team Registration.   Practice time may be available during the session pending on court availability (see Team Registration Form).


4th Grade (Girls & Boys*)
5th Grade (Girls & Boys*)
6th Grade (Girls & Boys*)
7th Grade (Girls)
8th Grade (Girls)

9th /10th Grade (Girls)
11th/12th Grade (Girls)

*4th-6th Grade Boys will be combined with the Girls teams IF there are not enough players/teams to have a separate division.

Program Philosophy

The goal of the Stratman Sports developmental volleyball program is to teach young volleyball players the rules, skills, and strategies of the game. Our coaching staff and program directors want to train athletes to be successful in any program they may enter. This involves a huge emphasis on skill development and teamwork. We want to develop strong well-rounded players of the game who are confident in their skills and can continue to play the sport throughout their lives.

Skill Development

Every player who enters the Stratman Sports volleyball program will be coached to perform the proper skills of the game. Passing, setting, serving, and hitting are all key parts of the game. Our goal is to make sure that our players are performing these skills in the correct way. Coaches will spend their practice time focusing in on these skills to make the individual player successful.


Stratman Sports' coaches consist of current & former USAV players, collegiate players, grade school to high school coaches, and/or referees. They are all seasoned players of the game and have a true passion for both playing and coaching of the sport. Our coaches have a wide array of teaching techniques and drills that they will use to develop the player’s individual skills and teamwork.

Range of Practice Days & Time

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday practices
  • Practices run from 4:50  PM to 5:50 PM.
  • Divisions/teams will be assigned to specific day based on majority requests from the registration forms and experience/skill level.  All practices will be held at location noted below. Secondary location used if space is needed. 

League Play (Fridays)

  • Friday Evenings (Starting match times range between 5:00 PM to 9:10 PM).  5:00 PM matches will be scheduled ONLY IF NEEDED due to # of teams entered.
  • All matches will be 50 minutes in length (5 minute warm-up time included). 
  • Matches are held at the Center St. Louis or at an alternate location IF needed due to scheduling conflicts. 
  • Includes referee to officiate, keep score, ensure quality and keep matches on schedule.
  • No uniform requirement.

Sessions & Registration

We offer this program ALL YEAR-ROUND!  Please check out the below tabs for each session offered!  Advanced Registration Required - Limited Spots Available!

Practice & Primary League Location

Practice & Primary League Location:
Center St. Louis 
6727 Langley Ave, Affton, MO 63123

Alternate League Locations (IF NEEDED):
Affton White-Rodgers Community Center, 9801 Mackenzie Road, Affton, MO 63123
Bud Dome 2, 9719 Green Park Industrial Drive, Green Park, MO 63123
Pavilion at Lemay Community Center, 305 Gregg Rd, Lemay Township, MO 63125

Contact Information

Tony Stratman

Tony Stratman

Executive Director & Volleyball Director

Phone: 3143985495


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Level of Play Definitions:

Beginner:  Geared towards players that are new to the game with no experience. 

Recreational:  Geared towards players with little experience and limited set of skills.  Players at this level may have inconsistent serving (underhand and overhand) & inconsistent passing.  Players at this level may also struggle to get three contacts (pass, set, hit) and transition between defense & offense.

Developmental:  Geared towards players who have or are in the process of learning fundamental volleyball skills.  These players should have consistent underhand serve, however may have inconsistent overhand serve.  Players understand transition and can occasionally transition between defense & offense during play.

Experienced:  Geared towards players who are seeking a little bit more competition.  Players at this level should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy, serve overhand and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.  Players can consistently pass & dig to a target.  Players transition between defense & offense for most of play.

Advanced:  Organized team experience.  Players at this level have skilled fundamentals in all aspects of the game - serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking.  Players have a good understanding of the game and its objectives.  Players can serve to a specific location/target.  Players can consistently get three contacts (pass, set, hit).  Players can effectively transition between defense & offense in every play.

SportsCare Outreach Program

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare

Please call 314-577-5640 or follow the link for more information.

Injury Prevention & Safety Information

From treating minor cuts and scrapes to proper stretching and conditioning, SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare has got your athlete covered. Follow the link to check out some great tips.

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare Outreach

SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare is the premier pediatric sports medicine provider in the St. Louis and St. Charles counties.  They provide exclusive, direct access to comprehensive medical care for young athletes.

Cardinal Glennon SportsCare liaisons help connect junior athletes and teams in the Stratman Sports volleyball community with injury prevention information and specialty services offered by SSM Health Cardinal Glennon SportsCare.

By working with specialist and health care providers, they can ensure your child will be offered exceptional care that is best suited for their needs. They will help guide the patient and their families through the health care system which will help expedite their care.

Cardinal Glennon SportsCare also offers a 24/7 concierge line, that is available to patients and their families. They can answer any questions you have about your child’s health, and help navigate you through the health care system.