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Weekly USAV Tournament Event Schedules

USAV Volleyball Tournament Schedules

For Junior Events:  Weekend schedules should be released/posted by Tuesday of the respective week.
For Adult Events:  Weekend schedules should be released/posted by Thursday of the respective week.

E-mail notifications will be sent to Coaches/Team Reps in the event of revisions/updates!

Saturday, 4/27

Sunday, 4/28

General Tournament Policies & Coaches Meeting Info

PARENTS, PLAYERS & COACHES - Please Read General Policy TAB below...

COACHES - Please Review Coaches Meeting TAB below...



Center St. Louis
6727 Langley Ave.
Affton, MO 63123

About Center St. Louis:  The Center St. Louis' hardwood floors accommodate eight volleyball courts that can host large scale volleyball tournaments down to individual practices. Please visit the Center St. Louis' website for more information on their programs and facilities.

Tournament Reminders:

Please NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK (NO COOLERS!) will be allowed inside the Center St. Louis. Center St. Louis has a full concession stand available. 

Bleachers are set up along one side of the gym only. It is recommended to bring chairs just in case bleachers are full.

Please follow parking attendants guidance and all parking signage.  Car Pool if possible.  DO NOT BLOCK any neighboring business' gates or drives.  Violators will be ticketed/towed.  Review the Parking Map below. 


Principia College
1 Maybeck Place
Elsah, IL 62028

About Principia College:   Principia College accommodates up to 6 volleyball courts that can host large scale volleyball tournaments. 


From the Great River Road (IL-100), you turn into the village of Elsah (Lasalle St.) - be careful, this road will sneak up on you.  Follow signage to Principia College (right on Maple St / Beltrees Rd to top of the hill).  Make right to Principia's Front Gate to be checked-in.  Follow signage and parking attendant guidance.  Be sure to have a GPS or printed directions with you if this is your first time coming to Principia College.  Also, make sure to give yourself enough time to accommodate travel time.

Tournament Reminders:

There are LIMITED bleachers set up.  NO chairs are provided.  It is recommended to bring your own chairs - make sure they do not damage the hardwood floor - bring old blankets/towels to place under the chair legs.  


  • NO COOLERS and NO TEAM FOOD TABLES!- this policy is strictly enforced.  
  • Principia College has a concession available;  Beverages: Brewed coffee / Kcup coffee, hot chocolate and teas w/ creamer and sugar options, water, Gatorades, soda, etc.  Healthy: Fruit, Veggie Packets, Hummus, String Cheese;  Breakfast, lunch & snack items:  Muffins, protein bars, fig bars, fruit snacks, donuts, chips, pretzels, candy, cookies, nuts, etc.   Sandwiches:  Sub sandwiches (Firehouse Subs, Subway, Quizno's or other outside vendor) will be available - while supplies last!

Facility Policies:

  • NO SMOKING on campus.
  • NO parking in non-designated areas.
  • Follow parking attendant's guidance and signage.
  • Please keep players out of restricted areas.  
  • Make sure your trash is NOT left on benches & bleachers.
  • Facilities are to be kept clean.  It is the responsibility of participants, junior coaches and parents to pick up trash and keep all areas litter free.

Campus Map:

We play in building 18 - Hay Field House.

Code Of Conduct

Fans are asked to use common sense and behave responsibly while attending Stratman Sports organized volleyball events.  Enjoying the competition, celebrating and cheering for a team is welcomed!  Actively cheering against any team, becoming involved in a match or harassing participants or officials is NOT permitted.

Inappropriate language or action that is disruptive to a sportsmanlike atmosphere, or interferes with a player's, coach's or official's participation is unacceptable.

Examples of unacceptable fan, player or coach's behavior:

  • Harassing participants - distracting, interrupting, jeering, yelling or booing at players, coaches and/or officials.
  • Obscene words/gestures and racial/ethnic/sexually oriented comments
  • Celebrating errors or misfortune of participants
  • Intimidation/Harassment of the reffing team will not be tolerated

Stratman Sports asks all coaches, parents & fans to encourage good sportsmanship.  Stratman Sports asks that coaches monitor and correct their own fan behavior.  If an official response becomes necessary, the following procedure will be used to resolve the situation.

1st Infraction (Warning) - A Stratman Sports Director or official will communicate to the team captain or coach that there is disruptive fan behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct that needs to cease immediately.  

2nd Infraction - A Stratman Sports Director or facility manager will encourage the coach to have disruptive fan(s) leave the playing facility to avoid further incident.  If the coach is violating the code of conduct - this will be his/her final warning until automatic team forfeiture.  

3rd Infraction - Play is suspended immediately; the team loses the match.

4th Infraction (Recurring Issue  from the 3rd Infraction) - Team is withdrawn from the event with NO refund.

Any disruptive fan behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct must be reported to in writing within 48 hours of the incident(s).


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