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Legacy VTC (Gravois Bluffs, MO)


Legacy VTC
601 Gravois Bluffs Blvd STE G
Fenton, MO 63026

About Legacy VTC:   Legacy VTC features NCAA quality lighting on 8 tournament/league courts with the best playing surface for volleyball with the highest level of Taraflex flooring (Offers the highest comfort and shock absorption).  

Tournament Reminders:

Courtside Cafe:
Please NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK (NO COOLERS!) will be allowed inside Legacy VTC.  Legacy VTC has a full cafe available.  

Bleachers are set up along the sides of each tournament court.  Outside chairs are NOT ALLOWED.

Please follow all parking signage.  Please park in the legal marked parking spots  - do not block fire hydrants, mailboxes, other businesses' entries etc.  There are plenty of public parking spaces on our campus, the neighboring commerce center and even all the way at Walmart.  It may be a walk but it will be far better to walk than to have a vehicle towed that is parked illegally!

Coach Reminders:  Please keep players out of restricted areas - this includes the office hallway (absolutely no players, team camps, bags, ball handling, etc allowed in the office hallway).  Ball handling is only allowed on the volleyball courts (again, no ball handling in spectator areas, walkways, hallways and any other non-tournament court area).   Make sure your trash is NOT left on benches & bleachers.  Trash cans are located by benches and bleachers.  No outside food or drink - this policy is strictly enforced!  

Propping open emergency exits or letting people in/out of emergency exits (when not an emergency) is a facility safety & rule violation which could lead to sanctions against the team/club by the event director.   The site director reserves the right to impose appropriate penalties.