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Schedules & Standings

Schedules and standings are located below (separated by playing facility).  

ALWAYS refer to the ONLINE SCHEDULE vs a printed version.  The ONLINE schedule will always be the most current schedule and reflect any updates/revisions!

Affton Community Center Schedules

Spring Session:  Tuesday - Women's League returning when cleared to play again!  Stay tuned for schedule.

Spring Session:  Thursday - COED Recreation League has been canceled.

Belleville Sportsplex Schedules

Returning NOVEMBER 2020!

Center St. Louis Schedules

Matches on 3/13 and 3/20 have been CANCELLED! 
These matches will be rescheduled to 4/17 and 5/8 respectively.  An updated schedule will be posted online by 3/25/20.

Silver Creek Saloon Schedules

Returning Spring/Summer 2020...

Sunset Hills Community Center Schedules

Spring Session has been canceled.

Leagues will return Fall 2020!

W. Watson Athletic Complex Schedules

Returning Spring/Summer 2020...

West Park Bowl Schedules

Returning Spring/Summer 2020...

USAV Tournament Schedules