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Sunset Hills Community Center Volleyball Leagues

Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Sessions

Looking for volleyball leagues in St. Louis?  Stratman Sports has the most organized & fun adult volleyball leagues throughout the area!  Check out our league schedule below for the division and day that best suits your team!  Includes referee to officiate, keep score, ensure quality and keep matches on schedule.

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Session Cost:   $320/team
All league fees are due by the first scheduled match.
Pricing includes sales tax. 
Pricing does not include processing fees.

Registration Deadline is 7 days prior to respective league night's start date.   Acceptance after the deadline is limited and dependent on availability. 

Age: Adult* 
*must be 18 or older, ages 15-17 must be approved by league director. 

Session Length:  8 matches / 6-8 weeks

Starting match times:  
Range between 6:10 PM to 9:30 PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Roster Requirement

In addition to completing the online registration - below roster MUST be completed in FULL.  Please complete page 1 in full and send back via E-mail AND print to complete both pages on-site.  All players must sign the waiver and release of liability form before they participate in the league!  Substitute players must sign waiver form as well (have them see Stratman Sports site director or their referee).

Levels of Play Definitions

  • Recreation-For new players or just-for-fun teams (teams with limited skills and abilities - no strong hitters or leapers). Jump* serves are prohibited (with downward trajectory*; jump float serves are legal).   Some Recreation divisions may be tiered - LOW, MID & HIGH.  HIGH Recreation is geared for players/teams who are seeking a little bit more competition. 
  • Intermediate (Competitive)-Participants that play at this level have a reasonable knowledge of the rules.  Most players on the team should be able to pass and set with relative accuracy and should be prepared for hitting and blocking.
  • Power-Advanced teams with players who have experience and strong skills. Players at this level have strong fundamentals in all aspects of the game - serving, passing, setting, attacking and blocking. 
  • Open-The most competitive & advanced teams with experienced and highly skilled players.

The Volleyball Director reserves the right to restrict team placement in specific leagues and/or divisions based upon the effort to produce an enjoyable, balanced competitive atmosphere for each team.


Sunset Hills Community Center
3915 S. Lindbergh Blvd., Sunset Hills, MO 63127

About Sunset Hills Community Center: The Sunset Hills Community Center (opened November 2010) has a hardwood gym with one volleyball court.  The community center also has a fitness center with everything to meet your fitness and health needs.  Please visit Sunset Hills Community Center's Website for more information on their programs and facilities.

Spencer Randall

Spencer Randall

Associate Volleyball Director, West Junior Program Director & Adult Program Director

Phone: 314-288-8155