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Weather Updates & Policies

We cannot base our judgment off a forecast, so we wait to make decisions until we actually SEE the weather in action.  See below RAIN OUT POLICY or INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY for WHEN to check for cancellations.  The venue status table below is only updated if/when conditions change.

Please check BOTH the Venue Status Table AND the X/Twitter Feed below! 
There may be times where we only have access to update the X/Twitter feed (when computer access is limited/unavailable).

Weather Updates

Check the Venue Status Feed above OR our Twitter Feed when events cannot be canceled in advance due to unpredictable weather conditions!

Venue Status Feed & Twitter Feed will only be updated if conditions change. As always if you feel it is unsafe to travel, please use your own judgment.


Click on our Stratman Sports X/Twitter Page feed to open in your X app! 

Rainout Policy - Outdoor Events

  • We play in the rain, however, we do not play in heavy rain or lightning.
  • Since weather is often unpredictable, please check the weather update widget above AND our Twitter feed before leaving for your match.
  • Keep in mind we won't make a decision on cancellation until 5:30 PM (or ONE hour before the first scheduled match of the evening) to make sure we make the best call possible.  We will not make a decision to cancel any sooner unless it is absolutely clear that the weather will be unplayable.


Below is our policy concerning inclement weather situations (snow/ice).  We cannot base our judgment off a forecast, so we wait to make decisions until we actually SEE the weather in action.  Please refer to the policy when making personal decisions for you and/or your family.

1. Families/Individuals should make their own decisions regarding league/practice based on the driving conditions in their area, and who will be driving. If you feel the driving conditions are unsafe for the individual/team driving to league/practice, please notify your coach or league director,

2. In the rare case we decide to cancel league/practice/clinic/tournament, we will communicate cancellations as follows:

a) Cancellation notice will be posted on the Stratman Sports' homepage through our X/Twitter Feed & Venue Status Feeds.
b) A mass e-mail notification will be sent to respective team/parent reps.

Decisions are made roughly 45 minutes prior to the first scheduled league match of the day.  Examples below...

4:15 PM for junior league matches that start at 5:00 PM or later!
5:25 PM for league matches that start at 6:10 PM or later!
12:55 PM for Sunset Hills Sunday league matches that start at 1:40 PM or later!

Decisions are made by 5:15 AM for USAV tournaments that start at 8:00 AM or later!

Decisions are made by 4:00 PM for house team practices and clinics that start at 4:30 PM or later!

Reminder:  The Venue Status Feed & X/Twitter Feed will only be updated if conditions change. As always if you feel it is unsafe to travel, please use your own judgment.

Road Conditions Resources

Missouri Road Conditions

In Missouri, the latest road conditions can be obtained here.

Illinois Road Conditions

In Illinois, the latest road conditions can be obtained here.

Heat Advisory Precautions

  • Wear lightweight and loose fitting clothing.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Take breaks as needed.
  • Wear sunscreen and reapply as needed.